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The Radical Force that Responsibility is

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Responsibility, a word rooted in 'responsus,’ which is Latin for 'to respond,’ carries profound meaning. ABLE TO RESPOND. It signifies our innate capacity to actively engage with life's circumstances, making deliberate choices and owning their consequences. Understanding its origins unveils our power to singlehandedly respond and shape our destinies.

"The Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli - 1468

Responsibility empowers personal transformation, shifting us towards a proactive mindset. It urges us to acknowledge our influence over actions and outcomes, taking control of our lives. It means recognizing the significance of our choices, prompting informed decisions aligned with values, which makes the ability to respond easier! Responsibility--consequently--extends to interactions with others and the world, fostering empathy and accountability.

Moreover, it serves as a catalyst for personal growth, inviting self-reflection and improvement.

By taking ownership, we open doors to self-awareness, further aligning with our true potential.

In essence, responsibility, deeply rooted in 'responsus,' is a radical force. It invites us to tap into our core and shape reality from within. We're not predetermined by external forces; we can create meaningful connections, pursue passions, and singlehandedly impact the world.

Responsibility transcends terminology. As it is rooted in 'responsus,' it empowers us to actively respond, make deliberate choices, and shape our lives. Embrace its radical nature to unleash your potential and contribute meaningfully to the world.

* What do you feel is your responsibility at this point in your life?

* Can you go a little deeper? *Where can you further develop your ability to respond and thereby have more influence and impact?

*What would the consequences be if you wouldn't use this ability to respond?


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