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Find Greater Clarity and Executive-Level Confidence

Executive coaching that helps you identify professional and personal barriers.

What Are Your Higher Aspirations?

There are multiple paths to success, but they all start with a deeper understanding of your own distinctive  personality traits, intrinsic motivations and your blind spots. 

This is done through the power of neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to adapt and change. Heleen helps you uncover the hidden reasons behind how your uniquely wired brain is influencing your actions – and the outcomes they bring – with personal research and data-driven self-discovery. As a result, you tap into your purpose and gain clarity about what matters the most to you, and achieve new dimensions of success in every area of your life.

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Make A Much Greater Impact
With The 4-Week Intensive
for 647* dollars only!
*You may only participate in this program once

During this program, Heleen helps you tap into the "more" that is waiting to be discovered within you. Together you take a deep dive into your background and current circumstances, providing context to any frustrations that may stem from unmet aspirations as well as getting grip on your subconscious limitations that you did't realize are holding you back.


Through intentional goal-setting, honing the skill of mindful observation, and proactive action-taking, Heleen supports you in making a leap towards a new, efficient and aligned approach in your everyday:

• Thinking

• Goal Achievement

• Communicating

• Managing

• Leading

The 4-week Program is currently waitlisted. 

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Upon sign-up, you immediately get started on a laser-focused 28 day journey that includes:


• 3 live coaching sessions with Heleen via Zoom

• Access to the HWest Executive online portal

• Real-time tracking of your progress 

Exercises that have proven impact  

• Assessments (including the PrinciplesYou® assessment) 

Tailored prompts and assignments via text or email

• Purposeful action that you can take instantly in your everyday work and life

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Heleen is also a certified PrinciplesYou (PY) coach. This is the cutting edge and scientifically thorough personality assessment created by Ray Dalio,

and co-developed by Professors Brian Little

and Adam Grant (both Wharton.)

What Clients Are Saying…

HR Director of a Tech Company

"I had such a great time and so many insights on our 3 sessions. Heleen and I made a great connection and been able to build in a short amount of time a framework & a mind shift that were much needed for my internal and external well being. Thank you, Heleen!"

Feel More Fulfilled
Personally and Professionally

Heleen helps clients see the bigger picture, gain insight into what’s most important to their situation, nurture their talent, and enhance executive skill.

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Here's what to expect once you sign up:


• Schedule your first session with Heleen.

• You get immediate access to your online dashboard and your first assignment, which is to be completed in time for your first session. 

• Take the PrinciplesYou assessment between session 2 and 3, which is scientifically validated and reliable, and will provide deep insights into your personality traits, behavioral tendencies, managing- and communication styles.

• In your final session of the 4-week intensive with Heleen, together you will reflect back on the program and debrief your PrinciplesYou report. You will get a better grasp of your limitations, your unique brain-wiring, and an understanding that this can take you much further than you ever thought possible, once you know how, and put in the work.

This 4-week Intensive leads to a deeper understanding of where your current mindset is leading you, and what could be holding you back…paving the way for an intentional shift that can propel you to the highest version of success that you could envision. 

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*The $647 investment for the 4-Week Intensive can be applied towards the Gold or Platinum Packages. Find out more here. If 4-week Intensive + Gold or Platinum are purchased at once a discount applies to the entire cost. 

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