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Heleen Westerhuijs, PCC
Executive Coach & Trainer

With close to a decade of experience in corporate finance, Heleen made the transition into executive coaching in 2016. She is passionate and driven in her mission to support ambitious and successful individuals to fully realize their potential and maximize their impact - in their career and life.


A go-getter and an empath, Heleen brings an original and strategic approach to the art and science of Executive Coaching. Fascinated with the workings of the human brain, Heleen has studied 


  • Neurobiology of Everyday Life 

  • Positive Psychology 

  • Emotional Intelligence 

  • Positive Intelligence® 


Heleen, holding the PCC credentials by the ICF, effortlessly blends theory and an evidence-based, data-driven approach to uncover the internal and external limitations holding you back, and how to overcome them. She intuitively tunes into potential, paving the way for new and more effective perspectives for her clients, their teams and their organizations.


What Clients Are Saying…

Jacob Piers, Sr Engineer

"Heleen is a bright and energetic coach that helped me develop and polish my innate leadership and communication styles. The outcome for me was a new and open mindset primed for my audience and an awareness of the salient points that needed to be communicated for the utmost influence. Heleen was an honest, intelligent, and safe confidant that advised me during the process of self-examination and the exploration of the unfamiliar. I cannot recommend Heleen enough!"
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Understanding the human brain

Having worked in corporate finance in NYC for close to a decade, Heleen has seen it all: individuals on dream teams, toxic teams and everything in between. Working closely with the Executive Leadership of the company, that had close to 8000 employees globally, and traveling extensively, she learned the art of observing human behavior, and how our choices impact the course of our lives. But, she always wondered, how do we make these choices? And how do the stories that we tell ourselves influence so much more than just ourselves?


As she dove deeper into understanding why we make these choices, and how we can make better ones, Heleen realized that our brain is our single most powerful asset. She has since been trained by:


  • Dr Martin Seligman (UPenn, Postive Psychology)

  • Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence)

  • Shirzad Chamin (Postive Intelligence®)

  • Dr Rick Hanson (neuroscience and neuroplasticity) 

  • Dr Peggy Mason (Neurobiology of Everyday Life, UChicago)

  • Dr Dan Siegel (interpersonal neurobiology)

  • Dr Joe Dispenza (neuroplasticity)

  • Dr Jean Houston (human potential)

  • NeuroLeadership Institute, NYC

  • Center for Executive Coaching, Sarasota, FL

  • InnerMBA (NYU)

Heleen is PCC-accredited by the ICF, and has coached:


  • Executive Leadership in digital environments

  • Entrepreneurial thinkers 

  • People with transformational needs/desires

  • Software companies

  • Leadership and sales in design-oriented and creative industries 

  • Banks and consultants (the Big 4 and boutique)


Heleen lives in Red Hook, Brooklyn with her trilingual family. She is a member of the Wellness Council of The Carroll School in Brooklyn, focusing on digital citizenship for kids, their caregivers, and their teachers.


Heleen's natural strengths:


- High-energy Executive Coaching

- Training Emotional Intelligence for effortless understanding

- Strategy for syncing Big Hairy Audacious Dreams with daily realities to make these BHADs come true

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