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Amplify Your Impact
Personally and Professionally

Executive Coaching that takes you to the next level of ambition and success.

Don’t Go It Alone

Even the most ambitious and successful people can still feel stuck in their careers. It can be frustrating to have worked so hard for so long, only to realize, for instance, that:

• Your communication isn't landing as it should, stifling your ideas 

• You can feel misaligned with your responsibilities, and misunderstood

• You feel overwhelmed with external and internal pressures everyday 

• You are left feeling unfulfilled, wondering if there is more to it all


Reveal What Truly Matters To You

Chances are, you've found success in career and life, but you know there is more to it.


How do you fully realize that potential? To be the best version of yourself? To do more than just making money for the sake of it?


With effective coaching, you can tap into your higher aspirations. You can transform how you show up at work, and in life, with executive-level confidence. 


With an extensive background in corporate and as an Executive Coach and Trainer, holding the PCC credential by the ICF, Heleen has over 7 years of coaching experience working with executives and senior leaders across industries. Heleen guides clients through her proven framework; so that they break through and have a much greater impact while feeling fulfilled – professionally and personally. 


Are you ready to make your mark?

What Clients Are Saying…

Jen Cohn, VP of Marketing

"I came to Heleen feeling burnt out and unclear on what I wanted. Working with her over the last 9 months was transformational. She not only helped reshape the direction of my career, but also re-engineering thought patterns and behaviors that inhibited my growth and personal satisfaction. Her style of coaching enabled me to set clear goals and milestones, while also taking the time to arrive at the right "answers" on my own with her support and guidance. I highly recommend Heleen to anyone seeking to make pivotal changes in their career and lives!"
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4-week Intensive

This 28 day container gives you a taste of the Executive Coaching experience with Heleen, and how this can tap into your higher aspirations. 

Coaching Packages

Choose from the Gold, Platinum and Platinum+ packages where Heleen guides you on a transformative journey to amplify your impact.

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It can be challenging to make the shift from inner confidence to outer executive presence. 

Work with Heleen to break free from internal limitations, overcome unhelpful patterns and reach new dimensions of success.

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