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Understanding Continued Success: The Power of Knowledge and Wisdom

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

In the realm of natural laws, the interplay between knowledge, wisdom, and the profound words of Sir John Lubbock, "what we see mainly depends on what we look at," becomes a guiding principle.

The Sunken Road in the Cliffs at Varengeville by Claude Monet

Knowledge stands as the bedrock of our understanding, the map of our past experiences as well as our observations -- these combined have brought us to our present point.

Yet, it is wisdom that recognizes the profound truth in Lubbock's words "what we see mainly depends on what we look at". It understands that the lens through which we view the world can shape our perceptions. Wisdom is wired into our brain and becomes the compass, guiding us as we journey forward. A deeper understanding of this also acknowledges that "what got you here won't get you there."

Wisdom calls for adaptability, for the willingness to embrace new perspectives and shed old habits as the terrain of life evolves.

In this dynamic, knowledge and wisdom converge, allowing us to not only see but also truly understand our world. Through their synergy, we navigate the intricate web of existence, ensuring that our actions resonate with the harmony of natural laws, reminding us that the path forward may require a fresh lens and a wiser gaze.


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